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Behind the Scenes (2017) is an album-length collection of understated instrumental scores I've created over the years. It’s good for long days at the office or quiet nights with your cat, and is streaming everywhere.

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Five Star Nerd is an album of my singer/songwriter stuff that might warm your heart or give you a chuckle. Pre-release singles are becoming available weekly on my YouTube and Facebook music channels.

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The Business of Pleasure

I'm a member of The Business of Pleasure, a new-school instrumental lounge trio. We have albums on Bandcamp and play Portland's east side about once a month. Come on out for a hang. Details on our Facebook page.


Music lessons.

I've been teaching drumset (and some bass) for over ten years. You could say my method is basically like that of Jack Black in "School of Rock," only not as hilarious. But like Mr. Black, I teach by choosing songs aimed at each student's ability level, then break down the parts into easy to understand lessons that get them playing along with the songs themselves. Every week's lesson builds upon the previous. I occasionally accompany them on other instruments, giving them opportunities to apply their learning to a "band" context.  Sometime we even record our performances. All in all, my students have fun, build real skills, and learn what it means to be a musician, or even better, a collaborator – usually without even realizing it. I don't take many students at a time, but my students tend to “stick” around. Give me a call. No drum set necessary. References available. Ages ten and up, please. Adults welcome, too!


"Brian has  been the perfect teacher for our son. Not only has he given our son highly skilled instruction, but he has provided curriculum meeting his needs, used music engaging his tastes, and instilled in him a life-long love of music. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have him as a teacher." – CW

"From her first lesson, my child felt like a 'real drummer,' thanks to Brian's rare ability to teach solid technique using familiar music that kids know and enjoy. Brian is an accomplished musician with tons of experience, and has an easy, relaxed manner that inspires students to take risks and have fun exploring their relationship with music. Each lesson builds upon the last, creating a great foundation for continued growth. We are grateful for Brian!" – LK

"Our son was bouncing around trying different musical interests throughout school. When he showed an interest in drums, we were a little hesitant after investing in multiple instruments, but we wanted to be supportive and cultivate an interest in music, so we let him give it a go. We knew that finding that right fit in an instructor would make all the difference. Through a friend's recommendation, we found Brian. Right from the start, our son's interest started to flourish, and soon he developed his passion for playing an instrument. What previously had been a source of tension maintaining a consistent practice schedule evaporated and he was playing for the sheer enjoyment and desire to improve.  We credit Brian with not only teaching and promoting habits that translated to a dedication to becoming better but also demonstrating the fun and benefits of mastering percussion. We can't recommend him enough." – LM & DT