My story.

I’ve been composing for picture for over 15 years. Never one to aspire to big orchestral scores, I found early inspiration in the work of stylistic outsiders such as Thomas Newman (American Beauty), Jon Brion (Magnolia), Mark Mothersbaugh (Rushmore), and Daniel Lanois (Sling Blade). Their unconventional yet insightful scores encouraged me to embrace my own instincts and find my own way of enhancing stories.

My first several years as a composer were spent in Los Angeles, creating scores for ads, cable TV, and short films, as well as assisting and ghostwriting for network television and cable movies. I studied composition and audio engineering at UCLA and LA City College to augment my degree in Communications from Boston University.

In 2007 my family and I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I have continued to create music for projects ranging from national ads to non-profit documentaries to narrative film. Each opportunity is its own creative challenge, and I take great care in every case to deliver effective, uncluttered scores that enhance visual detail, improve narrative clarity, and keep viewers engaged.

I value hard work, respect, and kindness in every professional relationship. I can honestly say that the people I work with are as important to me as the work we create. Making new connections is a big part of that. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, give me a call. I’m always up to talk shop over a coffee or a beer. Thanks for your interest in my work and best of luck with all your creative ventures.

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Original ScorinG

  • Determining and understanding project goals, intended audience, musical/narrative direction.

  • Choosing a distinct and appropriate musical palette, relevant to the audience and high in production values.

  • Spotting for placement of music cues; conceptual planning of themes and motifs.

  • Creation of an effective, emotionally supportive score, following narrative arcs, shifts and transitions.

  • Screenings for feedback and collaboration, regular updates, reliable communication, and final file delivery.”


  • Wide range of original and customizable music licensing.

  • Songwriting, production and arranging.


  • Full service customization of outside library tracks.

  • Editing, compositional enhancement and detailing.

 Audio Post-Production and sound design

  • Mixing and balancing dialog, VO, music, sound design, location sound, ambience.

  • Equalizing, enhancing, and matching audio from various sources or locations.

  • Audio and music editing, enhancement, and customization.

  • Removing pops, smacks, breaths, artifacts and interference.

  • Creation and use of sound effects, foley, and ambiences.

  • Comprehensive sound design.