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I can help you tell it.

Filmmakers, agencies, networks, and organizations have been trusting me to help tell their stories since 2001. As a composer and collaborator, I value that trust, and aim to create scores and soundtracks that not only support their stories, but seem inseparable from them. 


What’s the score?


I like to be challenged by variety. Because of that, my scores range in style, all the way from ambient to punk. But style isn’t everything. An effective score is really about bigger things, like understanding the material, knowing the objectives, and engaging the audience. It’s about illuminating detail, and being distinct without being distracting.



Oregon Public Broadcasting
Portland General Electric
OHSU Foundation
Marmoset Music
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Smithsonian Channel
Tennessee Tourism
Gold's Gym
Fox Television

Los Angeles Dodgers
American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Nat’l Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Luna Bar
Suzuki Motorcycle
Tech TV
Greater Oregon Behavioral Health
RKTB Architects
Narrative Lab





"Brian is a gifted, soulful film composer — and a pleasure to work with."

Jeff Gersh, Narrative Lab

"We hired Brian and I’m glad we did. From the onset he understood the direction we were taking and worked with us to realize our vision. His music brought the subject matter to life for viewers and the process was symbiotic and seamless."

Catherine Stimac, Oregon Public Broadcasting

"I have hired Brian to compose original tracks for a number of commercials and corporate videos over the past five years, and each time I have the same reaction: his music just 'fits.' I recommend him to anyone looking for a composer who can bring a range of creative ideas to the table. He is a great collaborator, and willing to do whatever it takes to make each project shine."

Austin Bauer, Deutsch LA

"I don't always have an opportunity to use original music, but when I do, I call Brian. Every time we've worked together I've been amazed at how he sees the images I've put together and brings them to life with his music and sound design. Plus, he's a heck of a nice guy to work with!!"

Craig W. Cunningham, Portland General Electric